Easy Homemade Crunch Bars for Any Occasion

Who doesn’t like a good, protein-rich bar? These bars are among the best healthy snacks you can eat. They’re tasty, convenient, and filling. You probably already know that making your own protein bars has many advantages.

Customization is a major advantage of homemade bars. You can get exactly what you want when you make your bars yourself, says Yasi A. Ansari, MS., RD., CSSD., a Los Angeles based sports dietitian and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Imagine you like the texture of a store-bought bar, but the chocolate drizzle in another. Ansari says that instead of buying two bars with pieces of the things you like to eat, you can make your own bar and customize it according to your tastes.

Ansari says that homemade protein bars are not only delicious, but they also provide you with the nutrition you need. Want carbohydrates that provide you with a steady stream of energy over time? Add some dried fruit rich in fiber or whole grain cereal. You need a little more fiber and fat in your diet to satisfy you. Add some nuts or seeds. Making your own bars is also a great way to eliminate ingredients that you may not like or must avoid due to health concerns. More on this in a moment.

There are many benefits to buying protein bars in stores, including the fact that they require no cooking. If you’re a big fan, there are also some great products available crunch bars. You can stick with store-bought if you like. We’ll tell you what to avoid, but there are some potential pitfalls. We’ll then discuss how homemade protein bar recipes can help you to avoid these drawbacks and answer some questions. We’ll also send you a collection killer homemade protein bars recipes.

As reported by SELF, the amount of fiber in some bars (as high as 10 to 15 grams) can be overwhelming for your body, especially if it is not used to this level. Gas, bloating and cramping can be caused by this.Sugar alcohols are the other culprit, which is popular in low-sugar or sugar-free protein bars. Sugar alcohols can cause stomach problems for many people. While everyone’s tolerance is different, SELF explains that they can cause diarrhea, gas and stomach pain.

No one should avoid a specific list of ingredients. You should choose your protein bar based on personal preference. Avoid (or limit) ingredients that cause stomach problems, such as large amounts of fiber or sugar alcohols.

SELF explains that if you are sensitive to fiber, look for bars high in fiber. Also, check the labels for chicory roots, maltitol, mannitol, sorbitol, and xylitol. Sugar alcohols can cause problems. Check the nutrition label, where they are only occasionally listed, and the ingredient list to see if you find erythritol.

Some people may also have to avoid certain ingredients due to health issues. Protein bars are often contaminated with five of the nine food allergens that the US Food and Drug Administration has identified: peanuts and tree nuts, as well as soy, eggs, and milk. If you suffer from celiac or gluten sensitivity (non-celiac), you should look for gluten-free bars.

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